Soooo … Keeping Busy Here

It looks like a beautiful Sunday here in New Hampshire, with lots to do, and the usual sense of having not – quite – enough – time.  I love the luxury of sleeping in just a little bit, but looking back now from the vantage point of 7:45 AM, I kinda wish I’d gotten up a wee bit earlier!

On the docket for this lovely day is some more pesto making – using the last of our nasturtium leaves, and loading up the freezer with some summary savor!

I’ll also be trying to stay away from Daryl Hall’s wonderful video site as much as possible – but I do commend it to you for your enjoyment. I heard about it on NPR yesterday, and nearly lost an hour exploring the wonderful sights and sounds there.

Speaking of wonderful sights and sounds, the Bookeaters trekked up to Hardwick, Vermont yesterday to do a little exploring and check out Claire’s Restaurant. Another wonderful adventure during which the irony of driving 2 1/2 hours to “eat locally” was lost on no one. How lovely, though, to eat wonderful food, discuss a book, and then wind back down Route 89 under a bright, waxing moon listening to music, chatting, and laughing.

I will also be trying to stay away, as much as possible, from my fantasy football team. There’s little-to-nothing to work with there, and messing with it, or staring at it, isn’t gonna make any difference. I’ll leave it to the football gods to decide my fate – and try to focus on other things that I’m grateful for in my life!

Speaking of grateful … check out this spot where JBD and PaulaLR are doing some camping this weekend.  I could handle that!

The first round of the WPS playoffs gets underway at 2:30 PM Eastern time today. The Washington Freedom will face-off against the Philly Independence, and my hearts with the independents (of course). Here’s a nice piece about Heather Mitts, as well as an overview of the playoffs.

Last but not least, I read that Hope Solo – who clearly needs a bit of a break from the limelight – will be having shoulder surgery, and will miss five or six months of soccer. I hope she heals well. She hasn’t seemed quite right this season – not sure what’s up with her, but Nicole Barnhart has looked the much stronger of the goalies to my eye this season. I’m sorry for Hope, but this provides a great opportunity for Nicole to step up and perhaps take over the number one slot for the USWNT.

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4 Responses to Soooo … Keeping Busy Here

  1. PegB – glad you like the blog and are rooting for Philly (in all its avatars). Today should be interesting … I better get focused so I can help ’em!


  2. As an ex-goalie, I couldn’t agree more about the psychological havoc wrough by that position. The only thing that may be worse are the blows to self-esteem that FFootball can deal to its participants. I fear that the 3 Babes are going down in flames today .. but will NEVER admit that to those Dunbarton Dawgs. (Good luck, BTW.)


  3. PegB says:

    Hi Jordy! Sounds beautiful up there in NH! I’m a fan of the Philly pro teams, of course! Eagles are up today w/ Vicks gb’ing. Phils are up there again, contendign for the eastern league title! Good to be in touch! I enjoy your blog! Trying to catch up w/ Phebe Jane & Gene. I think they moved to FL! They are still staunch supporters of Phila Eagles & Phillies, too! Once one, always one!! TTYT!


  4. AMR says:

    The goalkeeper position can do wonderfully harmful things to a person. Wouldn’t be surprised if the pain and thought of having possibly career ending surgery has been weighing heavy on her mind all season.

    As for fantasy, everyone who was supposed to step up did not and everyone who wasn’t did. Let’s only change one of those factors and see what happens!


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