Tuesday Morning Catch-Up

Is it me, or does the political landscape seem like it’s going through a sea change?  Or a slow-moving earthquake?  Not the right metaphor … help me here.

My sense is that something big and violent is happening to the status quo … a tearing and overturning.  It’s the sort of thing that we hoped was happening in the ’60’s.  However, today it’s disheartening to feel that the groundswell of change is, in fact, coming from the right rather than the left. Or is it?

Interesting piece on Poliltico about the disgruntled GOP candidates who, upset in their primaries by Tea Partiers, are not playing nice but are instead, effectively running against their party.  It seems part and parcel of the kind of black-and-white thinking that the GOP has been playing with for decades as it drifted farther and farther away from the shores of moderation and good sense.  You get what you pay for, folks!

So maybe the bad weather that I’m predicting is actually going to break up and dissipate before it makes landfall.  Maybe the GOP infighting will splinter the scary rightward momentum and we can keep moving along the path that we’re on.  No … scratch that … move onto a BETTER path!  Wouldn’t that be a relief?

I’m getting ready to head to HollyCornblog’s and CharlieHopbrew’s for a few days … and will sadly miss the Breakers’ playoff game against Philly on Thursday night.  It’s viewable on FSC and via webcast.  Winner plays FC Gold Pride out west on Sunday.  Here’s the viewing schedule.  Go Breakers!

In the meantime … Phillies over Braves in game 1 of their series.  That’s eight wins in a row for the Fightens, who are 4 games up on the Braves.  Cole Hamels is back to pitching like the ace that he is … love it!

And welcome back home, Boltgirl … starting a new phase … and tearing up the FFootball standings while she’s at it!

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