I Think the Gipper Might be Offended

I don’t know about you, but I think even the Gipper might be offended by this particular comparison! My only hope is that what she’s doing is out of avariciousness and the desire to “build her brand” and not out of an actual desire to be president. As has been the case with the GOP of late, they continue to make the likes of Nixon and Reagan look relatively balanced and thoughtful. Might they even begin to make Dubya look that way? What a frightening thought – but I think that may be where we are headed!  Here are polling numbers from Nate Silver as of the end of the week … bleak.

Turning toward the happier world of sports, where I go to find an alternative and less disturbing universe, I note that the Phillies won in a game that was pretty much the opposite of the perfection of game one. Still, a win so when. I do hope that that Utley actually DID think that pitch hit him (as challenging as it is to believe) – otherwise, I’m afraid of karma biting the Fightins back … down the road.

And two errors in one inning by Mr. Utley?  Yikes!  Still … even more, the Reds were undermining themselves at every turn. Will they be able to win one in Cincinnati?  Guess we’ll know tomorrow night.

Today could close out the ALDS, leaving the Yankees and Rangers to battle for a chance to play in the World Series. Of course I’m still holding the hope that the Twins and Rays can somehow miraculously pull it out. Doubtful … but I really, really hate the thought that Dubya is sitting down in Texas in his gated community … enjoying the Rangers’ run.  (And, of course, here in NH, it’s never good when the Yankees are winning.)

Anyway … it’s another gorgeous day here in Canterbury, as leaf peepers stream into NH to spend their hard-earned dollars.  Keep it coming … it’s the only money our Live Free or Die state seems willing to take!

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