Halloween Arrived Early This Year

Words can’t begin to describe how upset I was to read, last night, that they wheeled out a pulseless-but-breathing Dick Cheney to be interviewed by his loving keeper Lynne, and defend the myriad ways that the Bush administration eroded our constitutional rights in the guise of protecting us from terrorists.

The worst of it is that in describing this important event they don’t even provide concerned citizens with an up-to-date picture of Dick. Instead, in keeping with the penchant for unreality that we became used to during the Bush era, we are presented with a photo of Dick from 2008. Why bother? It’s a lie.

What do they think?  The American public wouldn’t be able to deal with reality? Apparently so.

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s appearance … snapped by an attendee with a Droid.  Thanks!

In other devastating news, the Yankees have swept the Twins and advanced to the ALCS. I don’t know, it just feels like evil is triumphing today.

Although countering that trend was yesterday’s surprising defeat of Williams by the Bates women’s soccer team. Mo, I hope you got to see that game – and congrats on the Ray’s win against the Rangers. Hopefully they’ll mount an epic comeback and proceed to defeat the Yankees in the ALCS!

The Phillies play Cincinnati tonight, and will be in conflict with the Eagles for TV time here.

Of course, I will be focusing on whichever team needs my help the most – my guess being it will be the Eagles tonight!

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