Phillies Roll and Eagles Survive …

And I actially did find a photo or two of Dick … as of October 2010.

The resemblance to yesterday’s photo is rather uncanny, I think.  Don’t you?  I am guessing that he has some make-up on in the more robust-looking photo, as this was a public engagement.  The other photo was a candid shot.

Then we have the frail-looking Dick leaning against a chair.  He really is frail-looking … and a Dick.

And finally, Lynne and Dick … chuckling about how Dick duped the country into lining Halliburten’s pockets while fighting a war to address Dubya’s Oedipal issues.

Don’t they just look so happy, smug and proud … not to mention rich?

And speaking of Dubya .. here’s the ex-Prez looking as vacant and dim-witted as ever … rooting on his Rangers (who’ve now lost two in a row).

Nothing against the team, but it irks me no end to see him smiling or enjoying himself.

Shouldn’t he be tortured by doubts and self-recrimination?  Sleeplessness.  Loss of appetite?  Despair?  Or at least having his team get knocked out of the play-off’s?

And doesn’t this photo need a caption of some sort?  (Submissions welcome … 😉

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