Quickly This Morning

The Rally to Restore Sanity was, from what I can gather, BIG.

Will it restore sanity? I kinda doubt it. But it does shine a light on where we are, and may be where were headed. I feel kind of sick when I think about this upcoming election, and yet I hope to be pleasantly surprised.  (Don’t I always?)

And on the pleasant surprise front, I am also hoping that when the Bushes throw out their baseballs this evening down in Arlington, Texas, they will be opening play for the Ranger’s first home loss. It’s not that I really hate the team (I actually kind of like them) but it just bugs me so danged much to think of Dubya being happy.

I heard a great line on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” yesterday.  They were talking about how Bush was a former owner of the Rangers, and sold them back in 1998. They cited this World Series appearance as an illustration of the fact that it is possible to recover from Bush – and that it takes 12 years!

So here’s to the Giants, and win #3 tonight – with #4 coming tomorrow.

That’s my fervent hope, as I need to get some sleep!

Oh, and don’t be scared today … it’s just Halloween!

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