Uh Oh

I read this morning, in my Google Alerts that the WPS is in more trouble with (apparently) the impending demise of both FC Gold Pride and the Washington Freedom.

This, on the heels of Jim Gabarra’s resignation in late September … and then his hiring by Sky Blue FC a week later … makes me wonder what he knew.  And there’s the sad loss of the French Internationals Camille Abily and Sonia Bompastor

You can check out the thread on BigSoccer – probably the best source for rumors and breaking news (as the league site won’t be in a hurry to post what’s swirling aorund out there).

Meanwhile, in World Cup qualifying, the US women face off against Costa Rica for first place tonight.  Gotta wonder what kind of a distraction this WPS “non-news” is for them.

And in closing … Jon Stewart closing the rally … ChristopherCornblog said that it was excellent!

PS Go Giants … let’s close this out tonight!!

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