Oh Crap

If there’s good news this morning, I’m hard pressed to find it.  NH doesn’t have John Stephen for its new governor.  I know that’s a good thing.  But other than that, cripes!

Oh, and thanks for Kelly Ayotte, Governor Lynch. That one’s on you!

Now we’ve got John Boehner as Speaker.  He’s apparently learned from what’s-his-name-Beck that crying is cool. Is he drunk, too? Good god .. he is very, very moved by himself, isn’t he?  The American Dream, tan and all.


Meanwhile … here’s the real deal …


And Jan Brewer … again?

Arizona … did you get beheaded in the desert?

Boltgirl, I am SO sorry!  (At least you’re still cleaning up in FFootball.)

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2 Responses to Oh Crap

  1. Yes … it’s shocking. Perhaps on the bright side, if there is one, it will make it more likely that the Dems will be back in two years. I shudder to think about the time in-between and the suffering that will occur (on top of what is already occurring). Ugh!


  2. Alice says:

    What a rout! My pessimism is confirmed–America is a civilization in serious decline. At least O’Donnell and Angle will be out of our news views. But Brewer! And Rand Paul! And………. I’ll stop there–going back to bed…………………………………………………


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