Happy Anniversary

Yup … it’s time to send congratulations to HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew.  May your next 17 years be awesome … and then the 17 after that, and the 17 after that!

Hope you enjoy nice weather at the lake … and November sunsets as nice as those October ones were!

Oh yeah … and Pliny (aka HollyCornblog) you must have some damn good wide receivers if you’ve got Brandon Jacobs on your BENCH!

(May I borrow one or two sometime?)

On the news front, Obama’s ego is being blamed for the Democrats’ stunning losses.

Really?  I’m afraid I don’t get it.  Is it ego to think that, possibly, talking to the American electorate as if they are rational adults is reasonable?  Is it ego to think that the voting public might be able to sift through lies and scare tactics … and remember beyond two years’ time and maybe even put the broader interests of the country above their own self interest?  Is it ego to think that polarizing rhetoric isn’t good for the country?

So, we voted in some really, really scary, crazy people because Obama wasn’t humble enough?  And that’s his fault?

“Humility is a great quality, and it’s one that people will respect,” said historian Douglas Brinkley, who teaches at Rice University. “Ronald Reagan could be seen as a polarizing presence, but he also knew how to play humble when it was necessary. Where is President Obama’s self-deprecating humor? Kennedy and Reagan could both be very self-deprecating. People liked that.”

“The worst thing that happened to Obama is he’s lost a lot of his aura. Even his friends think he’s thin-skinned and a bit highfalutin,” he said.

I’m sorry … but I think this is just way, way off track and we need to grow up and vote like adults.  This isn’t a popularity contest … this is about suffering and survival.


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