And Crap Again

I see they are calling for Pia’s head over on BigSoccer … as the USWNT teeters on the brink of NOT QUALIFYING for the WWC.  This is strange new territory for the USWNT … after they were upset by Mexico … and now must beat Costa Rica and Italy to qualify.  Just to qualify.

USA and Costa Rica Will Play on Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. ET live on ESPN2 at Estadio Quintana Roo for Playoff Berth.  (I have a meeting that night … darn it … but will be able to see the first half hour live, anyway … then DVR the rest.)

Should (can we please say “when???”) the USA defeat Costa Rica on Monday night, the USA would travel to Italy for the first leg of the playoff series on Nov. 20. (I’ll probably be at HollyCornblog’s for that one …)  then the home leg would be played on Nov. 27 (I’ll be on the road down in Storrs for U Conn vs LSU!!!) at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill. with a kickoff time to be determined.

Go USWNT and GO PIA!!!

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3 Responses to And Crap Again

  1. boltgirl says:

    November games were always thrilling when I played at Northwestern. The main question was whether the puddles on the field would be skimmed with ice or merely hangin’ at a balmy 33 degrees.


  2. Hadn’t even thought about that. Of course they have to get by Costa Rica first!


  3. boltgirl says:

    November 27… what a lovely time of year to play soccer in Bridgeview.


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