So, the USWNT beat Costa Rica yesterday … and the milestone, in this case, is that it’s news at all, IMHO.  I saw the first half hour of the game and have to say that given that this was do or die, I wasn’t so impressed with the US play.  Lots of passes that were just enough off the mark to get picked off.  Lots of runs that were just a half step short.  It wasn’t inspiring … and didn’t have the energy and flair that I was expecting when Pia stepped in.  I wonder what’s up.  Discouragement and distraction steming from the state of the WPS?

Check out BigSoccer’s thread on the game … I particularly agreed with this post by mingyung:

This is probably not a very analytical comment, but from the matches I watched at the WCQ, the US team is lacking joyfulness/wit/creativity in its play. It looks like work and drudgery because they are playing that way. I know they’re not a team known for creativity, but I just get the feeling something is amiss–chemistry, spirit? They looked tense which surprises me because the take on Sundhage is always about how mellow and positive she is. I wish they looked like they were having some fun.

Ah well … other milestones …

Foothills Physical Therapy celebrated their 10th anniversary last week … and I was remiss in not mentioning it then.  Congrats, guys!

The annual celebration for the NH Community Loan Fund is tomorrow at the Currier in Manchester … kudos to the NHCLF!

And finally, it was on this day, 11 years ago, that Willie came to live with us.  What a time we had.  Miss you, big boy!

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