Mechanical Turk

So, have you heard of the Mechanical Turk?

It’s rather fascinating service on Amazon that I’ve been exploring recently. Basically, it’s a venue where developers can post tasks that computers can’t do, but humans can. These are generally repetitive tasks about tiny bits of information. If you take on a task and do it to the requester satisfaction, you get paid some varying amounts of money, depending on the task and the time involved.

I’m thinking about using the Mechanical Turk to earn money for my trips to Red River for a movie. So far I’ve spent about 45 min. and made $1.38. Not exactly a top wage – but not too bad for time that I might otherwise have spent meandering around the Internet anyway.

I’m thinking that it might be something I could usefully do while watching the Ravens play the Falcons tonight. Then maybe I’ll be able to go see Waiting for Superman with Alice on Friday!

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2 Responses to Mechanical Turk

  1. I have … and even tried it many years ago. Not my thing though, sadly. It would be a useful way to occupy my time … and probably less annoying to many than this blogging enterprise can be!


  2. Alice says:

    Sounds promising–going to RRT Friday, that is. Not so sure about the Mechanical Turk? Have you thought about knitting?


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