So, Woodstove Management …

Yep, that’s definitely a skill I need to practice a bit more, judging from the 80+ degrees I managed to have the place at by bedtime.  (And yes, JBD … if we manage a trek up here in the cold weather sometime, YOU can be in charge of the stove … not to worry.)  I had to keep opening the kitchen door to cool things down.

The heat was so debilitating that I watched @ 45 minutes of a documentary about the life of Bill Parcells … before I came to my senses!  It’s one thing to feel a flash of compassion for Jay Cutler … but a big tuna who coached both the Giants AND the ‘boys??!!!  JordanCornblog clearly wasn’t well.

I next caught @ half an hour of Maddow’s replay of her interview with Jon Stewart.  Interesting discussion, but I came away thinking … “But what if Dubya and Dick really were/are evil?!”  Shouldn’t we stop attempting to have civil dialogue and sound the alarm?  Either I am too enmeshed in the liberal POV to have any perspective … or I wasn’t entirely getting his point.

Don’t forget that the USWNT plays Italy today in the first of two must-win games.  Apparently you can watch live on (won’t work for me on dial-up) … or you can follow along on MatchTracker or Twitter.

Finally, kudos to the Canadian women for returning to the top 10 in world soccer rankings.  The US Women dropped 42 points … but remain atop the heap.  Hopefully after their games with Italy they will remain there …

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