Quick Sunday Update

Lovely poem from Grace Paley this morning on The Writer’s Almanac daily e-mail.  Titled “In the Bus” … a visit from a long ago child bringing an invitation … out of the blue, on a bus in Western Mass …

a sigh    she whispered    Hey you
begin again
again     again    you’ll see
it’s easy    begin again    long ago

… lovely and true.  Begin again – in any moment.  It’s a message embedded in every world religion worth its salt … in our DNA, too, if we can sift through all the “stuff” of our daily lives and get to it.  Seriously.  Out of the quiet … when we give it to ourselves … always will come these visits and invitations.

As for the “stuff” that gets in the way … I can’t resist adding to it by noting that the USWNT defeated Italy in the first of their two games.  A goal by Alex Morgan in the waning moments of stoppage time put them over the top.  Somehow Lori Lindsay managed a yellow card while on the bench.  That seems unnecessary, Lori … ;>) … but not entirely surprising.

Finally .. get ready for the Eagles – Giants tonight.  I am hoping that HollyCornblog didn’t jinx the Eagles by picking up Kevin Kolb (just in case).  Seems a fate-tempting sort of thing to do … just sayin’.

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