And the big middle finger goes to …

So, I read happily that as a voting populace we came to our senses just in the nick of time and voted Jennifer Grey the winner on Dancing With the Stars.  Not that I actually watch the show (and no, I’m not lying about that).  But I have noticed the weekly headlines. We certainly have been mesmerized by the drama on the dance floor, haven’t we?

The daughter of “she who shall remain nameless” finished a surprising third in a contest that she should have been eliminated from months ago based on her dancing skills. The rabid supporters of her mother, however, kept this dancer in the mix right up to the grand finale – and Fox, of course, benefitted in the ratings race as a result.

But that whole deal of the voters backing someone who’s clearly unqualified. Hmmmmm, sounds so familiar. Where have I seen that before?  Gosh, I know it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

And then, don’t you just love the classiness of the dancer? Aren’t you inspired by her reason for seeking this trophy?  Is it to celebrate the beauty and athleticism of dance?  Or maybe to bring a worthy charity to our attention?  Or even just to further her own career in some corner of the entertainment world?

Nah … she wanted to win so that she could flip the bird to folks like you and me.  What an inspiring goal!

So, let’s review. You enter a contest that you’re not qualified for, and your backers keep you going, while more deserving people are eliminated. And the whole purpose of this is just to give some group of nasty people the finger?

Thanks, tiny dancer, for the reminder of why I so thoroughly dislike you and your opportunistic clan.

Perhaps I shouldn’t blame you, as you’re young and were apparently raised by a vicious, hairy animal.

But then again, being a mom yourself now, you’re getting to be old enough to know better.

Anyway, ’til you learn … here’s a song for you and your great big middle finger!

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