USWNT in Do or Die Match in Chicago Today

The US women’s national soccer team faces off against Italy today in Chicago It’s their second match with Italy … and total goals will determine who goes to Germany to play in the women’s World Cup.

A win or a draw will send the US to Germany. A one-point win by Italy would send both teams into a tiebreaker scenario, while a win by more than one point would send Italy to the women’s World Cup.

The game is on at 1 PM Central time – and you can bet I’m going to be messing with the computer and the TV to see if we can get it set up to watch on the wider screen this afternoon.

Will Pia let Alex Morgan have some more playing time … or will it be the same old, same old.  Folks over at BigSoccer are surely fed up with Pia.

Meanwhile, I see that satire, apparently, is beyond the ken of the readers and editors of FoxNation reprinted an article from The Onion indicating that a distraught and despondent Obama had sent a rambling e-mail to everyone in the country. Whether the editors actually thought it was real will probably never be known to us – but reading the readers comments was pretty amazing. How gullible and without any sense of irony these folks are – and how hateful!

It’s scary combination – the deep wells of acrimony coupled with the singular lack of reflection and personal depth. Then again, I guess that’s really the most fertile ground for brewing hatefulness if you think about it.

Enough of that already.

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are heading up to the lake today – I’m wishing them good weather, and a nice, quiet, cozy time up there.

And me? I’m gonna plan my day shortly, as I began a new year (for me) filled with appreciation for friends and family, for good health and work and the gifts of this earth … and, of course, for the Eagles and the Phillies!

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