Snowy Sunday … Sorta

So, the USWNT defeated Italy and has now qualified, as the 16th team, for the 2011 Women’s World Cup. They qualified on the strength of a goal by A-Rod who followed up on a nice hard shot by Megan Rapinoe. All in all, it wasn’t a very inspiring effort by the US women. As Pia summed it up after the game, the first 20 min. were “crap” – but there were some bright spots in the rest of the match.

I read this morning that the Boston Breakers won’t be picking up Marta. You gotta wonder how the league is going to fare this year, as it contends with a lack of money and the World Cup, and all the scheduling headaches that that is going to create. Sadly, if Boston isn’t going to pick up Marta, I doubt that anyone else will. I managed to miss every one of her appearances in Boston over the past two years, so am guessing that I will have to forgo ever seeing her play live. Oh well …

We managed to access the game via (thanks very much Eleanor) and were able to watch it through the computer and a VGA cable on the TV screen. Alice joined us, and we finished up as many leftover desserts as we could while watching the Italian and American women run around in frigid Chicago. We were very very happy to learn, in the course of the afternoon, that it takes five Trader Joe’s chocolate truffles to equal one serving!

Then last night it was off to Red River to see “Inside Job.” What an indictment of our financial markets and of the economics departments at our so-called elite universities. The Econ profs came off looking at once evil and idiotic – not an easy thing to pull off, I’m thinking (although Bush manages to do it fairly well).

Today we travel to Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, Connecticut. It’s a gift for JBD’s birthday – and hopefully the Huskies will continue their winning ways against LSU.

Best get moving here on this beautiful, sunny, snowy Sunday. (There was a rather intense snow squall during the soccer game yesterday afternoon, and now it looks like someone sprinkled confectioners’ sugar across the landscape.)

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew were at the lake this weekend … while the wind roared and, I’m betting, the lake started freezing in the shallowest coves and crannies.  Hope you’re still cozy this morning!

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