Wow, a friend just turned me on to a recent news item about Nigeria charging former VP Dick with bribery. Thanks, Doris!

This all relates to some shenanigans that took place back when Dick was being a Dick at Halliburton (as opposed to when he was being a Dick at the White House, just to be clear).

I am sure that with their millions and millions of ill-gotten gains all of the culprits will be able to get off the hook one way or another. However, I do enjoy the thought that this is another of the many dastardly activities that will tarnish Dick’s “legacy” – and also may put somewhat of a damper on his holiday celebrations.  How the righteous have fallen!

I am trying to be more generally positive in my life and to cut back on the time that I spend wishing for and savoring others’ misfortunes; however, in this case (and a few others that spring to mind) I will happily continue in my more Grinch like mode.

When I have more time, I’ll aim to catch you up on news of the Breakers, the USWNT, and of the Women’s World Cup. I’m having a real hard time figuring out how the scheduling is going to work this spring/summer. Will keep you posted!

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