Well …

A friend yesterday shared with me Newsweek’s “Power 50” list of the top 50 most influential political figures in the US, based on their earnings.  It’s old news, I know … and quite inspiring, if you like a good dose of fear and embarrassment with your inspiration.  The fact that ‘pundit’ number 6 is even on there is .. well … I don’t know.

In other old news of note … we’re catching up here … the Breakers have acquired Rachel Buehler … who’s not been inspiring a lot of confidence for me with her USWNT play.  But perhaps Tony sees something I haven’t.

Pia has been named a finalist for Women’s Soccer Coach of the year … and among her competition for the honor is a former player of hers from her Breakers’ year … Maren Meinert (Germany U-20 Coach).

And speaking of the USWNT … this is  REALLY old news … but they have drawn Korea DPR, Colombia and Sweden in Group C at the 2011 World Cup.

And while we’re on the subject of sports … Jayson Werth will be facing the Phillies as a National in 2011.  Nice deal, buddy!

And finally, ending on the happiest of happy notes … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RPE!

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