So, Today It Snows

I was going to have a leisurely morning of blogging, but it appears that a “wintry mix” will be visiting us today and so, I am going to hitch a ride into town with one of my all-wheel-drive cronies and leave my car here to collect its allotted accretion while I head of merrily and carless into the breach.

I see that I have a new subscriber … so wanted to make a point of posting.  Welcome – and here’s hoping you are thoroughly entertained!

I would write more; however, my ride departs momentarily and if I miss out on this opportunity you, dear subscriber, might be having a houseguest tonight!


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1 Response to So, Today It Snows

  1. Alice says:

    My door is open. Popcorn, hot chocolate, and full control of the remote awaits (except for programs that begin with fffff) .

    On another note: UConn was amazing last night–unstoppable!

    Stay safe…………


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