Things I am Learning This Morning

  1. Joe Lieberman is (probably) done.
  2. Watching RPE prepare to go to Israel … and watching PB head off to Botswana … and watching JBD and BJE get ready to fly off to Costa Rica is reawakening my sense of myself as the kid who can’t keep up (see page 44 in the following link) when the Pied Piper comes to town … sigh!Β  (And actually what it’s doing is awakening a small smidgeon of wanderlust that I never knew I had!)
  3. Asphalta is a goddess!Β  And congrats to Jodi and Pippa on finding a parking space … how long did it take?
  4. Oh, and the Steelers and Packers are heading to the Superbowl … so says someone who pretty much “knew” that the Pats and Eagles were in!Β  πŸ˜‰
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5 Responses to Things I am Learning This Morning

  1. Alice says:

    What a find! Fascinating journey………and highly entertaining! I’m off to find the Grimm version…….


  2. I never ever realized that I would be learning so much, this rather lengthy morning! Guess I was so hung up on not keeping up, that I missed the whole part about where those kids went. Here’s a link to a profile of a Clark University student who secured a fellowship to follow the trail of the Pied Piper ( Now, why didn’t I think of that?


  3. Alice says:

    And I must not omit to say
    That in Transylvania there’s a tribe
    Of alien people who ascribe
    The outlandish ways and dress
    On which their neighbours lay such stress,
    To their fathers and mothers having risen
    Out of some subterraneous prison
    Into which they were trepanned
    Long time ago in a mighty band
    Out of Hamelin town in Brunswick land,
    But how or why, they don’t understand.


  4. Really? Is that where they ended up?


  5. Alice says:

    …and grateful I am that you didn’t follow the crowd. Good grief, if you did, you’d be in Transylvania.

    Beautiful book.


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