So Sorry …

If any of you are counting on JordanCornblog as a source of news, I sincerely apologize. For some reason, of late, I’ve been struggling to find time (or could it be courage) to survey the landscape and write about it. Hopefully I’ll regain some traction soon, but in the meantime, a few snippets.

One of the things that has been contributing to my tendency to avert my eyes from reality is the seemingly relentless destruction of the New Hampshire mental health system by our elected legislators. The most recent news may wake them up – at least that’s what many of us are hoping – as the Department of Justice has stepped in with a report indicating that New Hampshire is not in compliance with the ADA when it comes to mental health treatment. Of course, given the makeup of our legislature (they have an even more tenuous connection with reality than I do), it’s not a foregone conclusion that this will have any impact … aside from pissing them off at the Feds, of course.

On the sporting front I can report, happily, that the Phillies are off to a better start than I’d have expected, while the Red Sox are puzzlingly bad. The Breakers started their season last weekend in Atlanta with a decisive win but, unfortunately, the loss of one of their key players – Jordan Angeli (no relation to JordanCornblog).

Their home opener is this Sunday (April 17 – 6 PM) against Marta and her Western New York teammates. (I’m guessing that’s not how the teammates want to be known, but that’s kind of how I’m seeing the game, sad to say.)

And speaking of sad, I’m very sad to read about the transition that Boltgirl and her girl dog are currently negotiating. For what it’s worth, I think it is a smile – I wish you well, is that doorway gets closer.

PS  And here’s a thought … if you subscribe to JordanCornblog via the e-mail feed in the sidebar, you’ll receive an e-mail on the off-chance that I post something.  That way you don’t need to keep checking the site and suffering the almost inevitable disappointment of coming up empty.

Consider it … 😉

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