It’s Hard Not to Gloat …

… but I try not to, I really do … as I, for example, watch Cliff Lee pitch a gem of a shut-out (and the Phillies beat the Nats).  It’s beginning to look like they have a pattern going … winning the series after scaring me by losing the first game.  I can live with that.  They did it versus the Braves and Mets, and now the Nationals … after sweeping the Astros to start the season.

We’ll see if this continues to hold true, as they start a home stand against the Marlins tonight (and just to be clear, I wouldn’t mind at all if they went wild and won tonight … so long as the rest of the pattern persists).

This morning as I was messing around checking out the news (something I have been doing less of lately) I noticed that the Bulls have a chance to really make a run in the playoffs this year – surprising lots of NBA fans, especially those rooting for teams like the Celtics, Lakers, and Heat. Since I don’t keep up a whole lot with the NBA, I’m very happy to annoyingly step in at the end and start rooting for a surprising underdog team.  (And one that has Joakim Noah on it [a player that I like from his Florida days] to boot!) A Spurs-Bulls final would make me very happy, as I suspect it would Gator fans, as they’d get to see former Gators Noah and Matt Bonner take the court against each other. Pretty cool!

Then there’s hockey, where, of course, I am rooting for the Flyers (who lost to Buffalo last night).  Hopefully they’ll turn that around.

I know that all this baseball, basketball, hockey stuff is totally pissing Alice-the-Elder off, and for that I sincerely apologize. I am my father’s daughter – so there you go! 🙂

Is an apology less meaningful when one has no intention of changing? Hmmmm.  Perhaps. if I ever become introspective again, I will think/write about that.

But before I sign off I have to share the happy news that, apparently, Chase Utley is progressing in his rehab. Some have speculated that he might be back in two or three weeks. I hope that they give it enough time that he is feeling fine and can sustain his play straight through the World Series. No rush Chase, they’re doing fine – take your time!

PS  I am ashamed to say that I missed the WNBA Draft entirely … but you can see the results here.  Maya in Minnesota should be fun to watch … and Vandersloot in Chi-town … and … here’s the full draftboard.

See ya!

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1 Response to It’s Hard Not to Gloat …

  1. Alice says:

    “Totally” pissing Alice off with all this sports, sports, sports and more sports attention is probably a little strong. How about some of your incisive attention to the #$%^!*$!#$%* pad? Any new thoughts on its relative merits/uses vis a vis computer/smart phone/etc.?


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