For Alice the Elder

Okay, so first off let’s get a few nasty things out of the way. The Red Sox and the Phillies lost last night.  The Flyers didn’t play, nor did the Bulls – so there’s nothing to say on that front.

I did learn that, unfortunately, Marta has had some visa issues and won’t be joining her team until after they play the Breakers on Sunday. I guess that’s good news for the Breakers in terms of the likelihood of winning the game – but perhaps not so good news in terms of ticket receipts. Between its being a damp-ish April evening and Marta’s absence, people might just decide to stay in their cozy living rooms. Hope that’s not the case, but…

So on to the f%#!ing tablet information. The biggest update I can offer has to do with the screen protector that I used.  It’s called the Skinomi TechSkin – Screen Protector Shield for Viewsonic G Tablet and you can get it on Amazon.

I’ve generally had issues with screen protectors, finding it difficult to follow directions (a genetic issue, I believe) and usually ending up with creases and bubbles and annoyances like that. The write-up for this material, however implies that such things, if they do exist, will disappear after a few days. I thought that was pretty much too good to be true, but bought the stuff and put it on anyway.

I actually followed the directions pretty well and got it on with only one bubble that wasn’t actually on the usable portion of the screen, but down near the bottom of the frame. However, I am very pleased to report that as time has gone on, every single teeny tiny bubble has disappeared, as well as this large one that I thought was going to be a permanent fixture. I have no idea how this stuff works, but it’s really pretty amazing.

The other plus about it is that it cuts down on fingerprints – something that had been a big issue before I put this on.

As you can see from the pictures I also got a little stand for it, which is pretty nifty. The only downside is that I haven’t yet figured out how to put shortcuts on my desktop, and haven’t wanted to explore the Internet for answers to that question. That’s not because I don’t think there are answers – but because I don’t want to lose half a day messing with the tablet – at least not right now.

I haven’t used it is much as I thought I would, but I suspect that as time goes forward I will discover the niche that it will hold in my digital life.

Is this what you’re looking for, Alice? 😉

Oh, and yes, that’s a Bates glass with something hoppy in it … a winter afternoon at the chiminea.  Ahhhhh …

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2 Responses to For Alice the Elder

  1. Glad you are informed AND amused … and on-line. I take that to mean all is well. Hope you have a good rest-of-the-weekend. (The Phillies play at 1:35.) 😉


  2. Alice says:

    Techskin? Who knew?
    Now I do.
    And grateful I am for the information.
    And amused.


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