HollyCornblog Saves the Day

So, this tree here was uprooting itself and about to fall on the boathouse up at the lake.  BUT, HollyCornblog spent the day up there badgering tree guys and finally convincing one of them to come up and take this scary leaner down.

No pics (yet) of its current state, but … well done HollyCornblog!

Meanwhile, she reports that there is also now room in the new bathroom area for our winter toilet!

Did I already say well done?  I am SO looking forward to not having to go to the outhouse when the snow flies in November!

What else?  Well, have you downloaded your Royal Wedding app yet?  Apparently the iPhone developers are more into it that the Android folks are.  (Why do I feel secretly proud of that?)

On the Breakers front … they lost a close one on Saturday to the reconstituted and relocated Washington Freedom (now magicJack and located in Florida).   Next up SkyBlue FC on 5/1 in Cambridge.  We can’t go – but the game will be on TV, too (FSC-6PM)!

And here’s what the lake looked like yesterday … luckily there was no wind, or that tree would have been down in a heartbeat.

Let’s hope it’s this calm in a couple of weeks when HollyCornblog, CharlieHopbrew and I are trying to get the dock in (brrrrrrr)!

Get that fire going NOW!!!

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