Upcoming Events and Other Miscellany

And happy Thursday to you!

Keep your eye out, this Saturday evening, for the USWNT versus Japan on the Fox Soccer Channel. That’s at 6:30 PM Eastern time. Looks like we’ve got for Breakers on the team, at least at this juncture. I’ve got to start paying better attention to soccer, with the Women’s World Cup fast approaching.

Meanwhile, I was totally psyched when the Phillies came back against the Marlins last night to win the game in the ninth! To bed Cliff Lee didn’t get the win – they’re not giving him the run support that he could use – kinda like what happened with Cole Hamels last year. The Phillies are off tonight, which means I am likely to be going to bed early unless I get on a roll with my writing work (not this blog … as you have no doubt guessed).

So what else is happening? If I’m able to tear myself away from the computer, I’m hoping to get some things planted this weekend, and maybe take a turn at mowing the grass – ChristopherCornogblog having mostly taken over that chore the past couple of years. Gotta pay some bills, too – watch the USWNT play some stellar soccer – and maybe sample a hoppy beer or two!

I’m sure there’s something else that slipping my mind at the moment.Maybe get some exercise? Wouldn’t that be something! Then, of course there’s the chore of dusting off all the pollen that is filming every bit of flat surface I can see. Ah, Spring time!

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew will be up at the Lake this weekend finishing off the last wall that’s been insulated in the Woodhouse – and hopefully also relaxing just a bit!

Have a great day – I’m off!

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3 Responses to Upcoming Events and Other Miscellany

  1. Torpedo is awesome! I’ll have to ask HollyCornblog for her list … there are some very fine hoppy brews out there, that’s for sure. (Wish I had not wasted so much of my beer-drinking energy in my 20’s when Coors was the pinnacle of the malted beverage world for many/most of us.) I’m partial to Hop Wallop and Hop Devil … (Victory Brewing out of Downingtown, PA) … and Ruination IPA (Stone Brewing out of California) … and some IPA’s out of NY State – Ithaca Brewing Company’s Flower Power IPA and Southern Tier’s 2xIPA. Dogfish Head 120 kinda scares me … which is not to say that I would turn it down! (Have gained enough wisdom … just recently … to turn down that second one, though!!) ;>)


    • boltgirl says:

      Well, that works. I’m going to be in Ithaca for a week at the end of the month, so I will explore all the IBC beers I can. Sam Adams 48 Latitude IPA was disappointing, as was the one Pyramid makes AND the two different ones I tried at dinner last week. Ruined, I tell you. I am ruined.


  2. Boltgirl says:

    Hoppy beer, hoppy beer, hoppy beer! I have become such an IPA snob it’s almost debilitating. Red Hook Long Hammer, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Four Peaks Hop Knot. Those are the only currently acceptable selections. It’s like heroin, I guess. I keep needing more and more hops to be happy. Pretty soon I will be driving cross-country just to lay hands on a bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Minute.

    Also, soccer.


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