Beer, Breakers, Bejeweled Blitz, and Boltgirl

… not necessarily in that order.  But since you asked, and since I am so far out of the soccer loop as to begin to feel embarrassed to even use the word, I commend you to Boltgirl for the real updates.  I can tell you when the games will be played and where (like Breakers at Western NY tonight) but beyond that am of little use, I’m afraid.

NOW, as for beer … well … I am hoppy to share my opinion(s) on that front … and will likely consult HollyCornblog or The Beer Advocate should I actually need to sound like I have any information to back up my biases.

Finally, I am on the verge of deleting Bejeweled Blitz from my Facebook account as it has come close to ruining my week.  A warning to any/all with addictive and/or obsessive-compulsive tendencies … or a proclivity for procrastination … STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

There … now, if I could just break the 100,000 point level ONCE before I shut ‘er down … 😉

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