I Don’t Get It – I Really, Really Don’t

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So yes, I absolutely don’t get it. I’m reading this morning that health insurers are making record-breaking profits. Oil companies are doing the same. The GOP doesn’t want to rein in anything on that front, but wants to cut so-called “entitlement” programs that ordinary sentence might actually benefit from.

I mean the kinds of programs that keep people from going hungry – not the kinds of “entitlement” programs that allow corporate bigwigs to buy Porsches and send their kids to posh private schools.

They play cynically, these core GOP movers and shakers, on the visceral fear that so many have of “big government.” It reminds me of how my grandmother used to speak of Franklin Delano Roosevelt – as if he were the devil incarnate. That was how I was raised – although, given my experience of my mother, I also learned to mistrust those shrill, over-the-top, opinions.

For the first time in nearly a decade we have a president who has a brain and is managing some of the worst crises our country has faced in a long, long time – most of which have been building for a generation or so. And what do we do? We get all caught up in wondering whether he’s actually an American or not.

And those core GOP movers and shakers? They play on those fears, too. The fear of “the other” is being exploited to keep folks like those wealthy health insurers and those wealthy oil company execs in their glorious places.

And the people with those fears – scared to death of losing what they have – are being used and abused by people who have absolutely no interest in them. It sucks. It’s crazy. I feel like we haven’t learned anything and are sliding back toward the kind of divisiveness that spawned the Civil War.

Cognitive dissonance doesn’t stop the GOP movers and shakers from saying the most absurd things in the world, contradicting themselves, denying it, contradicting again, and so on. Is no one paying any attention?

I don’t get it – I really, really don’t.

No wonder I am kinda craving hoppy beers these days. Beer and baseball – now that I can wrap my head around!

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1 Response to I Don’t Get It – I Really, Really Don’t

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Good thing there’s no one among the GOP presidential hopefuls who is strong enough to oust a Democrat from the White House. The problem is, the Reps are now the majority in the House, and they are the ones who have the power to wreak havoc on common folks’ livelihood. Trying to eliminate Medicare is beyond comprehension. What are these politicians thinking?


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