I Could Not Resist This One!

Last night as I ate dinner and attempted to keep my sweaty self from sticking to random objects around the house, I watched a snippet of Hardball (without Chris Matthews – so the decibels were a little lower – a blessing in the heat).

One of the stories, earnestly conveyed by the temporary host, was about Michelle Bachmann’s migraines.  I guess one of the burning questions yesterday was whether her headaches disqualify her from being President … and whether the question unfairly targets her and would not be asked of, say, a man.

So … what fascinates me … no, let me change that … what TERRIFIES me … is that the questioning of her qualification to be President seems to have been boiled down to this one, soon-to-be-discredited-as-unfair misgiving.

Have we all moved beyond being slightly concerned that she doesn’t know the most basic facts about our history and about how our government functions?  Or the small fact that she is kinda not a believer in basic science.  Or the fact that her oh-so-gay husband is a crackpot dealing with his own repression by trying to teach others how to do the same?  (Check out how the good people of Minnesota are dealing with bad therapy … love it!)

So, is it really the migraines, folks?

And then there’s all this Rupert Murdoch stench starting to leak out all over the place.  I am so enjoying that and hoping that is crosses over here and infects Fox and all its minions.

Finally, HollyCornblog shared a truly wonderful piece about a small newspaper in upstate NY, owned by Roger Ailes (talk about stench), that has been kinda coming apart at the seams since back in April.  It appears that Roger is a rather paranoid dude, and was caught spying on his employees, among other acts of nasty bizarreness.

These guys are such bullies … Murdoch and Ailes … that I really think once this festering stuff starts coming to light, others will feel empowered to speak.  So, no telling where it might go.  I do get the feeling that even among their so-called allies, they are not much liked.

Keep going folks … this is really fun!  It has cheered my up immensely in the wake of the USWNT not … exactly … winning the WWC. (And if you’re looking for lots of great stuff on the USWNT’s return to the States … here’s a compilation of things you can read and watch.)

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2 Responses to I Could Not Resist This One!

  1. It sucks that you get migraines so regularly. And yes, you have my vote … may even have it versus Barack at this point. (Did I say may?)


  2. boltgirl says:

    I get murdered by migraines on a monthly basis. That said, Coca-Cola and ice cream keep my functional through those 36-hours jaunts into hell, and even without them I can still name the US presidents in chronological order and would be a better president than MIchele Bachmann on her best day.


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