Sick at Heart

The horrific events in Norway … and the apparent culprit … yes, a blond, Nordic, right-winger who calls himself a Christian … can we open our eyes?  Please?

Can this, just maybe, be a wake up call for the people, world-wide, who believe that they absolutely know what is best for everyone?  I’m talking to you, Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann. It doesn’t matter … Christians, Muslims, Jews … when you put on that fundamentalist mantle, you are really all alike … and all so very hateful and dangerous.

There should be, I have often thought, a diagnostic term for fundamentalism … for, a disorder it surely is.  A childish worldview in the hands of adults … and unfortunately, quite often now, adults with guns.

Anyway, while one can wish and hope for miracles … and while one or two souls may be pulled up short by vicious murder in the name of Christianity and the Right …. it’s highly unlikely that introspection will suddenly become a character trait for the most entrenched of this crew.

No, instead, they will point fingers and separate themselves from the terrible, terrible things this man has done.

Reflection, soul-searching … nah … these will not be indulged in or encouraged.  The leading lights will wring their hands briefly … and find some “other” to blame this on.

And that’s just the way it has to work when you live in a black and white world.  Nuances cannot be entertained.  Subtleties can’t be considered.  Doubts can’t be harbored.  One small seed like that can bring the whole thing toppling down.

The nastiness that is fundamentalism is actually a rather fragile thing … and that’s what makes it so viciously scary.

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”
— Voltaire

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