Thursday. Morning, 5AM

Listening to the birds out the kitchen window and savoring the win that marks the first day of the new season (phor the Phillies). Oh, and trying to orient myself to the fact that it is Thursday. Mid-week holidays are challenging in that regard … not that I am complaining.

Spent a chunk of yesterday kayaking down a rather busy Merrimack River. The strangest site of the day was a party boat chugging upstream with @5 beer drinking, happy looking folks standing around on it. The boat sported a Confederate flag and a Tea Party flag, both jauntily flying from the stern. The Pabst-swilling bunch waved happily to us, calling out “Happy 4th!” while they blared Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” for everybody on the river to enjoy.

Yup, doughy-looking Tea Party dudes with, most likely, racist proclivities, enjoying Stevie Wonder.

I would smile at the total dissonance of that … except for the scariness. I do think I’d rather have the people who hate me and everything I believe in at least be vaguely consistent. Makes ‘ em more predictable.

So I actually felt a shiver of dread, watching that party boat chug by … people with strong opinions and no need to have them make any sense or have any internal consistency whatsoever … who also feel it is important to have guns.

Yup, happy 4th … in this on-edge, hate-filled country of ours.

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