Deep Thoughts

Okay, now this is a set-up! Whatever possessed me to use THAT as my title this morning?

I’m writing in the kitchen on my iPad, using the WordPress app, and I’m afraid I don’t even see an option to save this without publishing it. Nope … The only button I see says “Publish” in a rather vivid and uncompromising way.

So here I am, well into my cup of coffee, committed to writing something deep before I hit that danged button. Why couldn’t I have written something like ‘Phillies Lose Again’ for my title? I can write those posts in my sleep.

Speaking of sleep, last night was my first night in my room with the new windows installed. I’ll upload a photo when I get back up there. It’s lovely, having the night sounds wafting in – not to mention the night breeze. Summer can be such a soft season, here in NH.

The process of getting those windows installed has been an interesting emotional journey for yours truly. Being uprooted from my room and my routine has been a challenge. And one of the things I’ve discovered is that challenges, when embraced, are always positive. (And when fought and lamented, they are always negative.) It’s probably not news to you, but for me it’s like a new discovery every time I stumble upon it.

So, what challenges? Well, for me they centered around being uprooted and then also having my expectations be out of sync with the actual progress of the project. I’d come home from work, thinking I’d be able to reclaim my space, only to find that things weren’t close to being done. That would plunge me into crankiness … which I would then leaven with despair. “Ruined, everything is ruined!”

Happily, I have come to recognize those feelings as red flags rather than reflections of reality. The actual facts being very different from what my feelings would have me believe, it’s still true that the feelings are real and to be honored … in their proper context. That’s the key for me. Those feelings of displacement, betrayal and despair have nothing to do with a window replacement project in 2012 New Hampshire and everything to do with still-to-be-explored stuff from my earlier years.

The metaphor of windows applies really nicely here. The challenges really are openings, and if I see them that way, well … let’s just cue the uplifting music here and move on.

Have a great day (and I’ll correct the typos later)!

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2 Responses to Deep Thoughts

  1. Jordy says:

    And when in doubt, publish! Hope all’s well on the farm. (The animals at Suncook Valley sure look happy!)


  2. Stephen says:

    “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”


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