Wild Card Weekend — Fly Eagles Fly

Daddy C in 1980…

Many, perhaps most, readers of JordanCornblog won’t be interested in this. But I am.

And I am JordanCornblog, an eldest child who’s finally accepted the fact that, in my core, I am bossy and think I have the best ideas. Usually, I mask it with a patina of benevolence. But when cornered, the core emerges. Magma replaces magnanimity.

So, this morning I am writing about the Philadelphia Eagles — the last team into the play-offs and the defending Super Bowl champs.

On Sunday they have to play the Bears. They must knock off the team that got them into the playoffs. It’s a sad state of affairs and a necessary evil at this cut-throat time of year.

St. Nick is back at the helm after another season-ending injury to Carson Wentz. In Philly a quarterback controversy is bubbling away, fueled by a press corps creating click-bait headlines. The further the Eagles move into the playoffs, the more merrily the controversy roils. Do the Eagles stick with their 25-year-old franchise QB or go with the savior who always seems to step in and take the team to the promised land?

Meanwhile, the players strive to ignore the chatter and stay focused on the moment. This is what the savior preaches — and the coaches are definitely on board with the strategy. Unlike other teams (yes, Steelers, I’m talking to you) the Eagles actually seem able to set aside individual aspirations and pull together. Will it be enough to send the Bears into hibernation?

That’s where we all come in, Eagles fans. We have to do whatever we can to help the team. This involves rituals that are unique to each and every one of us — you know what I’m talking about. So, what will you do? Here are a few of the things I’ll be up to:

  • Doing at least a 35-second plank every morning while thinking about the Eagles winning the game;
  • Hydrating;
  • Pushing myself aerobically;
  • Possibly tracking these things in my bullet-journal, if it ever arrives;
  • Wearing my Brent Celek T-Shirt, but only on game day, not before;
  • Not wasting precious energy on snarky tweets in response to #MAGA idiocy on Twitter;
  • Anything else I think of that seems like it might help — like maybe eating more vegetables or cleaning the cat box.

Honestly, the underdog Eagles look primed for a playoff run. Alice, I know you’re not a football fan, but it may be time to start watching. (Of course, if you watch for the first time all year and they lose, in all likelihood the blame will fall to you. Just sayin’!)

Fly Eagles, Fly!

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2 Responses to Wild Card Weekend — Fly Eagles Fly

  1. The planks are very, very private! πŸ˜‰


  2. Julie says:

    You go girl! I want to witness those planks first thing in the morning $


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