Bullet Journal – Day One

Okay, I’ve got my new Bullet Journal. It’s orange, and I’m going to start today. Starting small so that I don’t overwhelm myself, but I think I better watch a couple of videos, just to get some ideas.so bear with me, as I muddle through.

I should add here, that as I write this I am also trying to learn the new block formatting set up for WordPress, AND I’m using Dragon. Why am I doing this to myself? I honestly don’t know.

Getting Started

So I did the house shopping, got the mail, came home and ate something (too much of something, to be precise) and thought about taking a nap. But instead I watched a couple of bullet journal videos and was intimidated by 2 out of 3.

I just now went to check out a video from Simple Happy Zen about minimalist bullet journaling. However, when I clicked the link, it turned out to be a video (also by Simple Happy Zen) about how to avoid buying things you don’t need. (Bullet Journals maybe?) On a second try, I got to the right video and found it sort of helpful. And I learned that Simple Zen apparently involves a lot more eye makeup than I’d imagined.

The main thing I’m gleaning, so far, is that the people who make videos about bullet-journaling generally wear nail polish, are very artistic and accomplished, and/or seem to have quite a bit of time on their hands.

And the other important thing that comes through is that where I start might not matter all that much. I’ll only have to live with whatever I come up with for a month, and it will evolve as I discover more about what works for me. Then I’ll be able to make a bullet-journaling video. (Or maybe Ruby will.)

What’s My Goal?

Yes, there’s a goal to all this. I already have an online to-do list that I use for managing work-related tasks. So, I plan to keep going with that and use the bullet journal for tracking more personal goals and habits. These are practices that I want to develop or reinforce — things like drinking more water and eating more vegetables. (Basically, things our parents and grandparents told us to do, that we haven’t quite got a handle on yet.)

I’m also interested in doing all of my off-line tracking and journaling in one notebook — as opposed to the 3 that I currently use.

So Far So…Good?

I’ve set myself up for the month of January in an exceedingly simple format that I can already tell is going to be annoying. But no worries — I can change it in February. Setting a really low bar has its advantages. (And yes, I did initially write the date as January 2018. There’s no place to go but up!)

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