Falling Short — Sorry Alice!

So yesterday’s post fell far short of the stated mission of this blog – or at least a part of its mission…’Entertaining Alice.’

So, I apologize for that and, as a corrective, share a more affirmative and less snarky political post — one about Mayor Pete — Pete Buttigieg — the progressive mayor of South Bend, Indiana!

Not having the time this morning to go into a ton of detail, let’s just say that I find him impressive and refreshing. Here are two videos – one from Colbert and one from Morning Joe, that are worth a bit of time, if you have it!

Do a search for him on YouTube — lots of stuff there!

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2 Responses to Falling Short — Sorry Alice!

  1. nyeanh says:

    Phew! So good to be entertained again. I’m finding Pete Buttigieg “impressive and refreshing”, too. I might even track him down on one of his campaign forays into NH to see him up close and personal. Wanna go, too?


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