A Fountain Pen and Chuck Taylors

I bought myself a fountain pen yesterday.

I didn’t need a fountain pen. And, until Katie showed me her fountain pen, I hadn’t realized that I wanted one.

But once I realized, I took action swiftly and decisively. It’s slated to arrive tomorrow.

This is what I do from time to time. I impulsively purchase something that I actually believe, in some deep recess of my psyche, will be life-changing. And quite often, it’s either an electronic gadget OR something that you’d find in a stationery store. (The list used to include shoes, but thankfully that temptation seems to have fallen by the wayside…although now that I mention it…)

So, the pen will arrive tomorrow. It’s yellow, so there’s that. It will compliment my bullet journal, which is orange.

And I am pretty sure that it will help me fill in the pages of “Ideas” that are currently more blank than I’d like. February has just under a week of days left, then there comes a brand new month. A new beginning, brightened by a yellow fountain pen. Surely this is the piece that has been missing all along!

Chuck Taylors?

I actually already have a pair of Chuck Taylors. (And they didn’t change my life.)

In fact, I was kind of surprised at the overall lack of foot-support and amazed to think of the many years I pounded up and down basketball courts wearing some version of the shoe.

But I was interested to learn from a friend, the other evening, that Kamala Harris has a bit of a Chuck Taylor fetish. Maybe fetish isn’t the right word (wouldn’t want the GOP to hear that). Let’s just say she likes Chuck Taylors unabashedly.

Now that strikes me as a wonderfully practical approach to life on the campaign trail. Running through airports in her converse sneakers — that’s a woman I can get behind! Here’s an article about how she ‘gets it done‘ that offers a glimpse of Kamala’s everyday life.

And, because I need to get the hell out of the house and on the road to work, here’s an interview Trevor Noah with KH that I watched last night. Sorry for the abrupt shift. I am pretty sure that all of this writing will improve once my yellow fountain pen arrives.

The interview is excellent…

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2 Responses to A Fountain Pen and Chuck Taylors

  1. Katie says:

    Sorry to be such a bad influence!! But this will be your best purchase ever. Your notebook will overfloweth!

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