So, the 49ers upset the Packers. I had been reading my book after watching a rather uninspiring first half. Fell asleep and then woke up for the last 7-minutes of the game. And it surely didn’t disappoint.

It was the kind of game that reminds me why I love sports. They offer moments when, truly, anything can happen. I remember lying in bed listening to a Phillies game when I was 7 or 8 years old. I was supposed to be asleep. The Phillies were losing by LOTS of runs and it was the 8th inning. I was dozing off as something felt like it shifted and they started coming back. I was suddenly wide awake and riveted. They eventually won the game, and I think that’s when I really got hooked.

Exciting note: I actually found the game — it was June 23, 1961 and HERE’S the box score. They were losing 11-2 in the 8th — and won it 12-11! (And I was 8 years old.)

Last night’s comeback by the 49ers was equally improbable as it involved a blocked punt-turned-into-a-touchdown in the final minutes to tie the score. And it had the added sweetness of karma having its way with Aaron Rodgers.

If you’re unfamiliar with his recent history, you can read all about it here. Basically, Aaron wasn’t vaccinated, lied about it, and then was affronted when people were angry about that.

From there things escalated. He felt victimized by the ‘woke mob’ and the NFL, and threatened to boycott the Superbowl, etc. Rather than being chastened, he’s been increasingly outspoken about his asshattery, even taking time out from his preparation for last night’s game to take some ‘jabs’ at POTUS. (Maybe he should have just stayed focused on the game.) A piece on ESPN.com titled The unfiltered year of Aaron Rodgers digs further into his mindset (if you are interested).

I think that fans are particularly irked because for the most part, until recently, Aaron had been relatively quiet — even mysterious — about his views. He was a blank slate, and many of us filled in those blanks with our own values and then felt betrayed by the discovery that he’s just another privileged white dude who doesn’t care or take responsibility for his impact, and feels ‘canceled’ when others have some things to say about him and his opinions.

The Twitterverse is about as entertaining as I’ve ever seen it. SO many clever people out there! And this is a lazy way to round out a post, but I can’t resist sharing a bit of what I’ve been scrolling through for the past 45-minutes, so here are a few snippets:

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4 Responses to Whew!

  1. Katie says:

    I am also not a football fan but even I was riveted by the games this weekend. I mean, not “riveted” as in — sitting in front of the TV and watching them. But I was in/out of the room more often than usual to see what was going on. Sunday night, in particular, was interesting. I took a shower at the 2 minute warning between the Chiefs and Bills and they were STILL playing when I got out and Matthew was losing his mind. I sat down on the couch for OT and was amazed. If football was always like this then I’d probably watch more of it.

    And yes – Twitter is perfect for those Aaron Rodgers moments. People are so funny!

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    • I wish I had seen the ending of that one! Sounds like Matthew was rooting for the Bills. (I thought I was, but discovered, during the first half, that my heart was with KC — go figure.) And Twitter is such a showcase for snarky cleverness. Very entertaining, and a dangerous rabbit hole for me.


  2. Juliann says:

    I am not a football fan but I did hear a lot about the games yesterday as hubby went from bored to frustrated to elated by the games. So much drama off the field this year too.

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