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Catholics and Jesus Freaks

This post started out as my second post about Aunt Emma, but it got hijacked and I’ll return to Aunt Emma soon. For now, here’s more than you ever wanted or needed to know about my high school ‘spirituality.’ Read … Continue reading

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Aunt Emma — Part 1

In the long years of adulthood I’ve thought of Aunt Emma — Great Aunt Emma to be exact — as one of my saving graces. As a young child I was a little afraid of both Aunt Emma and Aunt … Continue reading

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February mornGrey and orange sky shines brighttemps are on the rise!

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Top 25

I stumbled upon this list from the NY Times this morning. It’s the top 25 books of the past 125 years, as nominated and voted on by readers of the NY Times Book Review. (The 125-year timeframe is a nod … Continue reading

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Wintry Mix

We’ve got a Winter Storm Warning here in Canterbury this morning. As I write, I can hear that the rain has turned to sleet tapping a wet staccato on the dark windows. Soon enough, it will be silent snow falling … Continue reading

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