Greeting the Morning

Welcome to new light.
Goodbye, chill darkness of night.
Today brings delight.

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4 Responses to Greeting the Morning

  1. nyeanh says:

    Such a lovely posting. But which is it? Or was it? Soft night or chill? What a difference a word makes.


  2. Katie says:

    With an added benefited of rhyming!! (I still prefer poetry that rhymes. Is that immature of me???)
    Yesterday I noticed that the sunset was later than it has been. That means we’re on the move! We’ll have daffodils and tulips in no time 😉


    • I agree – something about the rhymes adds to the feeling of wholeness for me. (Immature? Nah — more like an especially well-tuned sensibility.) And YES about the lengthening light. It feels so expansive!


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