Mo Gets to Hear Abby … and Other Sunday Miscellany!

Abby WambachAbby Wambach flew to Portland, Maine this past week to be present for the opening ceremonies of the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships. Here’s a link to Blog entries by the players and coaches at the tournament. And guess who was there with his team? Our own Morgan, of Final Four Fame! Good luck to you, Mo, in your tournament play! (Mo’s Team, Lightning SC, is representing NH in Group C. Go Lightning!)

In other women’s soccer news, here’s some video footage of various USWNT players, starting with Carli Lloyd, as they talk about the WPS, the Olympics … and other things soccer! And here’s an interesting, but odd, article about Abby and the USWNT from the Palm Beach Post.

I say interesting because it offers tidbits and insights that I’d never read before. For example: “Hamm is a renowned introvert. Wambach? Let’s just say five years ago, her pals on the national team gave her a shirt: HELP, I’M TALKING AND I CAN’T SHUT UP.” I’m guessing that may have been a hand-me-down from Foudy … 😉

I say “odd” because at the end of the piece the writer seems very off-the-mark … rather shaking my confidence in his knowledge base. It’s worth a read, though, for the tidbits alone.

Meanwhile, John and Cindy (as in McCain) are apparently continuing to struggle to make ends meet … as reflected in this piece about their tax delinquency from TPM. There’s something very odd going on with that.

Finally, I heard a great story on NPR the other day, and then read more in The Boston Globe about how blackflies are on the comeback road in New England (yes, I’ve noticed!) and how that is a reflection of improvements on the environmental front. The Maine Blackfly Breeders Association is a Machias-based group that venerates the little critter, raises money for local charities, and just seems to have a good time! This gathering of the Association (back in 2001) was hosted by my former boss and his wife. Small world! (But beer for breakfast? Are you okay, Jim?)

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