What to Blog About, Lil's Return, Ruby's Morning, etc.

In a moment or two, I’ll be taking our Westie Ruby to the vets to have the plaque and tartar scraped off of her teeth.  She’s had a miserable and confusing morning, as she wasn’t allowed to go “do her business” on her own but went out on a leash instead.  Then, when she came in, she DIDN’T GET ANY BREAKFAST!  Needless to say, she has been muttering “Fuck you,” under her breath ever since – and is exuding suspiciousness and confusion.  I don’t know how it’ll be, driving 15 miles or so with a pissed off Westie.  Guess I’ll find out momentarily.

I was thinking more or less aloud some days ago about what to blog about (you might remember the post) now that the election, the Olympics, etc., etc. are over.  My friend Alison sent me a great e-mail response – and permission to post it – so here goes – (with thanks, Alison – you have definitely added to my thinking on the subject):

Re what to blog about – how about creating a forum for discussing the new political climate and what might evolve if we think fast and work hard – how citizen-blokes like myself consider participating in this maelstrom of change, either in their professional capacities, trying to create new entrepreneurial interests, or as volunteers? There may be any number of organizations that are putting ideas out. Opportunities will fly from their moorings and get bashed against trees, but many a bright idea might get a new hearing. And if not, how do we feel about THAT? And are you interested in keeping ideas in circulation that others might wish would go away?

There’s a magazine called “Ode – For Intelligent Optimists.”  I used to get it and I like what it presents. If not all the ideas hold water, where better to debate them and improve them?

MoveOn is asking its supporters to meet and create a groundswell of support for progressive change. So what are they doing? Is it party line or is there room for quirky perspectives?

Obama’s supporters are invited to submit their ideas on Change.gov, which is also Obama’s outreach to folks. Have you seen it? What do you think about it? I think it’s a great idea, if it’s implemented well. We’ll see how an individual and his support team who ran a fabulous campaign apply their smarts to transition, outreach, consensus, drawing ideas, etc.

And I always enjoy seeing what “Discover” magazine reports about – a popular science magazine with eye-catching topics.

And maybe a short entry about the NH Community Loan Fund’s success in the midst of meltdowns? I liked how you referred to The Loan Fund earlier …

And then there are the lesser-traveled sections of HuffPo to troll for offbeat stuff! And I recommend “The Wisdom of Crowds” for interesting theorizing and documented research and history about when crowds do things that are very very good and very very bad.

(And this is before I have my coffee this morning! 🙂

Wow, Alison – thanks again!  Do others of you have ideas about good sites to track or subjects to explore?

Oh yeah, and do you want me to continue to keep an eye on HollyCornblog?  Or do you think I should back off and give her some space?  😉

The USWNT is getting ready for two December games versus China.  Big news on that front (for me and other Breakers fans) is that Lil is back on the roster.  Wish they’d televise the damn games so we could get a gander!  Anyway – it’s good to see Kristine Lilly back in the mix and getting her soccer legs back before the WPS kicks off in April.

My other question of import?  Well – today is the last day of my protracted vacation.  Tomorrow I’ll be back at work – and am debating whether to check my work e-mail one more time … or wait and just do it tomorrow.  What do you think?  (Pretty earthshaking, huh?)

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2 Responses to What to Blog About, Lil's Return, Ruby's Morning, etc.

  1. Hey Al – I will definitely follow your advice … and look forward to your ideas for the blog, too. There’s always room … 😉


  2. Alice says:

    I’ll begin with the easy question first: re. work email. Yes, check it ONE more time if you’re so inclined. That’s it! Then, go to the Poetry Foundation website and listen to a poem or two and/or take a look at pages of a scrapbook (remember them?) kept by a young, newly married Anne Sexton.

    I love Alison’s ideas for monitoring and musing. What to add? That’s harder and will take some thought which I will begin now……………


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