Today's the Day

I’m back at it today – back at work – back in the real world.  Wondering what it’ll be like, as I write in the wee hours.  The sky’s still dark – not even a sliver of dawn yet, at the eastern horizon.  This morning I’ll get something posted before Alice checks!

Boltgirl was asking about Twitter in her recent post and I have to say that I don’t entirely get it yet, either.  (Oh, and by the way – sorry about Jan.  Obama is decimating the chief executive pool of the Southwest as he names his cabinet … and what’s an up-side for us is surely miserable news for Arizona.)

Anyway – as for Twitter – the upside for me is that it’s yet-another source for amazing information – like the fact that there is a Christian nudist colony in NH.  I’d never in a million year thought this possible (the air temperatures alone would seem to mitigate against it) had not a friend, who happened to be driving by, Tweeted about it.

Founded in 1950 by Robert and Mary Bonser, Cedar Waters Village is also one of the oldest and most beautiful nudist parks in the country.

The park – which is older than I am (important fact these days) – is in Nottingham – not all that far from Canterbury.  To borrow some Biblical phraseology, I am just amazed at the things that there are under the sun!  I’m sure I’ll be holding the image of Cedar Waters Village close, as I return to the work world today.

Peace out!

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3 Responses to Today's the Day

  1. Thanks, Al -yes – Saturday is closer every minute. First day wasn’t bad …

    As for Twitter – yes, I believe that about sums it up. Nekkid Xians that you didn’t even know you were looking to find. It’s just plain life-changing (in a nutshell).


  2. boltgirl says:

    Twitter is for finding nekkid Christians with shrinkage issues, then. Got it!


  3. Alice says:

    I’m so sorry to be the barer of bad news (aka the naked truth), but Cedar Waters closes down in September, so there’s no hiding out there from work today. I also apologize profusely for not enlightening you about this oasis of christian principles (excuse me, I mean Christian principles with a capital “C”). I lived in Nottingham for many years as you know and knew the Bonsers well from town meetings and school budget meetings. Why this recreational resource for families and couples (man and woman only of course) never came up in conversation over the years of our friendship shames me. High marks to Twitter for filling this knowledge vacuum: Where friendship fails, there’s always Twitter.

    Final thought: Easy today JordanCornblog. Walk prudently (no running) in the wild world of work. Saturday’s close by–just over the horizon.


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