Post Work Meandering

I’m thinking that title doesn’t even make sense.  But that aside, it went well today, going back to work.  Nice to get back, actually.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t love a few more hours free each day – or a bit more sleep.  But complaining would be beyond unseemly in the current economic climate, so I’ll button it up.

What I’m Talking AboutI’m happily listening to some music that is transporting me right back to the sidewalks of Havertown, PA and Philly, PA and Swarthmore, PA … sidewalks of the late 60’s and early ’70’s (in PA).  Ahhh. The Delfonics, the Intruders … “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time?”  “La La Means I Love You.”  Motown is Motown – and I’d never say a bad word about it – but it ain’t this Philly sound. This music is summer nights with Harry Kalas‘ voice drifting over suburban patios as the Phillies lose another one and Dad heads up to bed.  It’s endless “heavy” conversations with CB.  And Coke and cigarettes and big old cars cruising up and down West Chester Pike or winding along Darby Road at dusk.

Haverford High SoolIt’s the trolley giving way to buses (what the hell were they thinking?)  It’s the brand new Burger King at the end of our street (I’ll never forget my first Whopper).  And more Coke.  And tube socks and white high top Converse All Stars.  It’s playing basketball in small, stinky gyms in front of tiny crowds and totally loving it … and then going gaga as the Mighty Macs win the first ever National Championship in women’s college hoops!  It’s throwing endless sticks for Dutchess in the amphitheater at Swarthmore and more heavy conversations (with fancier footnotes) floating up into the soft night air.  It’s The Stylistics and The Spinners, MFSB and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes … crooning their way right to the edge of disco, then fading graciously away.  Just like that.  Poof.

So there it is.  I’m meandering tonight.  Looking (so far not much luck) for on-line photos of Havertown.  And I’m exploring a new blog from HollyCornblog, that I’m adding to the “Blogs We Like” category as we speak.  Check out AngryBlackBitch (it goes down very well with a twist of the O’Jays and a smidgen of Billy Paul.  Trust me.

And finally, listening to this music I’m remembering how horrible it was going through late adolescence and college with Nixon as president.  In recent years, I’d come to the even more horrible conclusion that Bush is much, much, much worse … only to find (with the release of the latest Nixon tapes) that it may actually be a horrible, horrible tie.  Oh, but the music was fine.

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