For Fun on Friday

I thought this was just good Friday fun – but it took a sharp right turn unexpectedly, as I explored … and now I have to put it aside and hit the shower.  Sorry … and here it is!

Now that I’ve put the Philly music aside (for the moment) here are a couple of brain exercises from Dorthea Brande’s book Wake Up and Live.  The exercises look interesting … yeah … hmmm … what

Hmmm … but as let the tone of her tome sink in … and read more about Dorthea – who was married to Seward Collins -I get a wee bit of an Ayn Rand flavor – and a wee bit of a creepy feeling.  Success, eh?

Interesting that she’s cited on the Huffington Post – where I don’t expect to find things that creep me out unless they are clearly labeled as creepy.

So does the fact that these brain exercises come from the wife of someone who may have been n American fascist taint them?  A question for the ages … and one that I’m afraid I don’t have time to explore myself this morning.

So I’ll leave it with you, dear reader.

Sorry …

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4 Responses to For Fun on Friday

  1. I agree – he sounds like a total creep … makes me wonder what she saw in him and how they connected. I will do a little rooting around and see if I come up with anything.


  2. Alice says:

    I couldn’t bear to spend time with–or looking for–Seward. He is on all counts unappealing: an avid collector of erotic, an arrogant self-declared fascist and anti-semite to boot. Yuk! Nope–not worthy of my time or attention. However, there is a biography written about him that I might try to get a hold of to see what Dorothea’s NH connection is and whether she, Vincent and/or Willa ever had tea.


  3. Hmmmm … not to be whiny … but did you find anything on Seward Collins? I’ll try not to be hasty – but might need to be talked down again. Wonder if she might also have crossed paths with Willa. Either way … perhaps this is a case for the Bookeaters!


  4. Alice NYE says:

    I don’t think JordanCornblog should be too hasty in dismissing Dorothea Brande. As suggested, I did a bit of exploring and found lots of laudatory remarks about her, in particular her book “Becoming a Writer.” It was written in 1936 but is still in print
    –referred to as a classic and the first self-help work geared to writers that promoted the value of free writing exercises. Then there’s the intriguing fact that Dorothea is buried an Albany, New Hampshire cemetary, but I haven’t yet uncovered what brought her to this state. i wonder if she knew Vincent. Something tells me they may have crossed paths–or swords.


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