Soccer This Saturday, and Some Other Stuff, Yeah

There is actually women’s soccer on TV this Sunday – amazing!  On the national team side of things, the Youth National Team is in Chile, where they play in the finals of their World Cup in a game that is being televised live on ESPN2 this Sunday afternoon (4:30 ET).  Yeah!  Pia has joined them there – and from what I read, is as beloved by this group as by the older socceristas.  (Of course, she does hold their careers in her hands, more or less – but it sounds to me like they actually do kind of adore her – and why not?  She sings to them, for pete’s sake!)


.. kinda hard to imagine Pia and picture how she’d choreograph this one … hope there’s video!

So bottom line: be sure to tune in on Sunday for a Women’s Soccer double header. You can catch the NCAA College Cup final at 2 p.m. ET and then the USA-North Korea World Cup Final at 4:30 p.m. ET!

If you’ve got the DI semi-finals recorded and  don’t want to know what happened in women’s NCAA soccer action yesterday, stop reading here.  (We’ll be recording tomorrow, as we’ll be in Lewiston for a 21st birthday brunch – YES!)  Anyway -assuming all eyes have been averted except those who want to see – here’s the scoop …

The DI finals will pit Notre Dame against UNC after both won in 1-goal semi’s. Yael Averbuch put UNC to the final wth a PK in the first half.  The Fighting Irish won on a goal by freshman Courtney Barg (assisted by fellow first year Melissa Henderson) and have a chance to become the first team other than UNC to win at least three national championships in women’s soccer.

In DIII action,  Wheaton downed Williams to move on to the finals against Messiah at 5PM today in Greensboro, NC.  (The write-up on the NCAA site is pulled from the Wiliams athletic department site … in case it struck you, as it did me, as a tad Eph-centric!)

In DII Albany’s Saint Rose got absolutely pummeled by West Florida, who will now meet Seattle Pacific this afternoon in the DII Final in Tampa.  So it’s kind of an all soccer weekend, don’t you think?  (The other exciting athletic event to watch wil be the Eagles’ resounding defeat of the Giants … but I digress!)

On the “other stuff” front – I’m working on developing a JordanCornblog logo so that I can be more like Boltgirl and sell mugs and T-shirts in my own shop on CafePress.   (Just for fun – don’t worry – no pressure on anyone!)  What do you think of this picture, for starters … JordanCornblog (I was hoping to be able to upload it – but apparently can’t – at least not yet.)

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