Shinseki and Other Snowy Sunday Sundries

Sunday morning (already) and I’m here at my computer with the shades drawn – so I’ve no idea what it’s doing outside.  We’ve been without heat for the past couple of days – so keeping the shades down seems the better part of valor here in my east-looking room.  The sun usually warms the south and southeast-facing spaces very nicely – so the lack of heat hasn’t been too bad.  But today is predicted to be grey – and we’re gone most of the day anyway – so, as I said, the shades are down.  Doesn’t affect my web-surfing capabilities, however!

Barack Obama is going to be on Meet the Press this morning and will discuss, among other things, his nomination of General Eric Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  (Anyone who can be described as Rumsfeld’s nemesis is a hero in my book, and it sounds like Shinseki fits the bill in many other ways, too.)  I did not know that the agency he’s taking over is the second largest in the Federal bureaucracy – clearly it’s an agency where a lot of work is needed to address both longstanding problems and the havoc that the Iraq War and its mismanagement have wreaked.  Born in Hawaii, General Shinseki is the first Japanese-American and Asian-American to reach the Army’s top position.

In other news, Caroline Kennedy may be in the hunt for Hillary’s vacated Senate seat.  I am wondering why Caroline rather that Robert, Jr. – not that I mind Caroline.  Oh – here’s my answer – looks like Robert, Jr. took himself out of the running – although it doesn’t say why.  Is he still in the running for head of the EPA?

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, meanwhile, weigh in on the potential for a good relationship developing between the President-Elect and his Secretary of State.  (Sounds like things are looking pretty good.)

Speaking of relationships, are Donovan McNabb and the City of Brotherly Love kaput? The word is mixed – and I’m thinking that today’s result against the Giants should spell either his salvation or his doom (at least ’til next week).  On a more personal note – should I start McNabb today … or Flacco?

And on The Root, Keith Josef Adkins blogs about the still-simmering questions about Obama’s birthplace.  It seems a bizarre and frivolous story … although as one who was kinda into the whole Palin-didn’t-have-a-baby-thing, I guess I’m on kinda thin ice here.  Bottom line, there will always be questions and controversies amongst the disgruntled and those who see conspiracies everywhere.  It requires a lot of energy and creative thinking.  Imagine the good these folks could do, were they to apply their prodigious creative talents to solving some actual problems in the world?

It boggles the mind.  And on that note … a song for today … as we hit the snowy Maine Turnpike and head to Lewiston!

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