Monday – Yup – Monday

First and foremost – HAPPY 21st, RPE!  Here’s to savoring your day … and you!

And what a day yesterday in the NFL!  While I was focusing on a birthday, it felt like Christmas arrived early on the football front, what with the Eagles beating the Giants, the ‘boys falling, the Pats winning, and the Redskins taking a hit from the Ravens.  Nice!

On the soccer front, the US U-20 women defeated North Korea to win their world cup yesterday – quite a feat!  I’ll not be writing anything about the DI final ’til we’ve finished watching that game … but did see that Messiah won their DIII final quite handily.

I’m on the run this morning – may be back at it later – but wanted to introduce the JordanCornblog Store … just in time for Solstice!

Needless to say – it is just what you have been waiting for!


And here’s to you, RPE!  Much love on your day!

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2 Responses to Monday – Yup – Monday

  1. LOL – then you have come to EXACTLY the right place! One stop shopping … and I have to say, the thongs are going fast! πŸ˜‰


  2. Stephen says:

    Hey, I like the store! I’m always looking for a good place to buy my thongs!! πŸ˜‰


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