Things You Need to Know This Thursday

First and foremost, you need to know that Joe the Plumber was appalled by McCain, but kinda almost felt a “presence” when he was around Ms. Sarah Palin.  Okay, so call me prurient or nasty or sick, or whatever, but my first question to Joe Wurzelbacher would be, “And exactly where do you feel that ‘presence’ … anatomically speaking, I mean … Joe?”

And you need to know that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s birthday was yesterday.  (What a shame, that Emily Dickinson has to share her day with this turkey?)

Sadly, NPR has announced lay-offs due to revenue shortfalls, while a recent poll says that most of us are planning to spend less this Holiday season (saving up to pay for more bail-outs, no doubt).

But speaking of the bailout … is it working?  Where has the money gone?  Does anyone know?  Apparently not.  It sounds just like the management of the money sent to Iraq on pallets, doesn’t it?  Pattern here?  You betcha.

It looks like Steven Chu is Obama’s choice for Energy Secretary.  Wait, a scientist?  A physicist?  A Nobel Prize winner?  What kind of crazy elitist stuff is this?

Oh yeah – and the Boston Breakers are gearing up for the April Kick-off of the WPS.  Angela Hucles, Heather Mitts, and Kristine Lilly were making the rounds in the Greater Boston area last week – meeting and greeting the fans.  Meanwhile, Coach Tony DiCicco and his U-20 US National Team were off winning the U-20 World Cup.  Not bad!

I’ve got meetings all day … and it’s snowing here.  Dang … gotta get on with it!

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