Icy Friday Update

Well, after slip-sliding down the driveway and dodging the downed trees and getting to the credit union and the bank and then to work, it turned out that we were closing.  I made a few calls, got a couple of things done (whatever could be done sans network and internet connections) and headed on home – back past the downed trees and the amazing-looking, ice bound birches (many bowed all the way to the ground).

Now the sky is a soft blue with scatterd, mottled grey clouds.  The ice isn’t melting though – and I’m a little worried about what this is all going to be like as the temperatures drop.  I’m going to take the dogs into the woods shortly, and maybe bring the camera – see what we come across.

In the meantime, here’s a nice article about Shannon Boxx from the LA Times.  Seems that Pia has done wonders for Boxxy’s love of the game.  And speaking of Pia – rumor has it that she’s gleaning awards in her native Sweden.  Hope she (or someone) shares more details as time goes on … she surely is deserving (IMHO).

You might want to check Damallsvenskan Newsblog off and on – not just for Pia news but for updates on Swedish soccer, who is (or isn’t) coming to the WPS, speculation about Marta’s status, etc.  I was sad to see that Victoria Svensson will be retiring from the Swedish National Team after the 2009 European championships – and will not be coming to play in the WPS.  (She has a young daughter … and is reportedly interested in coaching.)  As for her compatriot Hanna Ljungberg?  I haven’t seen anything definite but did read that WPS clubs (unnamed) have expressed interest. “Pia Sundhage tells Damfotboll.com that she has recieved some inquiries from WPS clubs about Victoria’s and Hanna’s club status. And Victoria Svensson tells that she got the question from a club, unknown which, but turned them down. Her family life makes it hard for her to move from Stockholm.  Damfotboll.com: WPS har inte glömt Hanna och ‘Vickan'”

And finally – this interesting tidbit from the Newsblog

And King Pelé abdicates to Queen Marta.
The regional assembly of the Brazilian state of Alagoas, Marta’s home state, has decided to change the name of the main stadium in the capital Maceió from ‘Rei Pelé’ to ‘Rainha Marta’.
ESPN: Reina por Rey

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