So Saturday

Saturday morning … and please remind me to not eat handfuls of chocolate-covered cherries while Watching Rachel Maddow … and before going to bed!  And I don’t mean the sweet syrupy kind – but nice tart ones – delicious, for sure – and probably marginally good for me (yes, I do believe I could make that case – emphasis on the word marginally) – but not a good idea before bed!  Definitely.

IceThe sun is rising now and the trees on the eastern side of our field are alive with light as the ice catches the morning sun.  (Now I am wishing that I had thought to check out the moon rise.  It was such a huge moon … the white light on the ice must have been spectacular (and a little spooky).

The photo here is of the westward sun coming through some ice-encased branches yesterday afternoon.  As the ice melted (once the sun came out) it was amazing to watch the leaning birches and drooping sumac and lilacs and forsythia slowly pop back up til they were nearly upright when nightfall brought another freeze.

RubySpeaking of spooky – have you ever seen a shaggy Westie on a lawn after an ice storm?  See if you can find Ruby in this photo from Yesterday!  I think that even Ruby was a little confused.

We were quite lucky in our area to not be so badly hit.  I think that HollyCornblog must have lost power, however, as I’ve not heard from her.  Hopefully they’ll be back on the grid today (and luckily, their main heat source is wood, so they should be fine on that front – and will be able to keep all the beer she’s got in her carboys nice and warm and “working.”

So, as for news of the world … it’s hard to know where to begin.  Chicago?  Detroit?  Well, I saw a sad piece as I explored the breaking news, actually – Socks is near death.  For those of you who may have forgotten, Socks was the Clinton’s cat (and a dead ringer for HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew’s cat Smokey, I might add).  Sounds like Socks had a long, happy life.  After his White House days, he lived with Betty Currie in Maryland – quite happily, by all reports.  But perhaps he wanted one last shot at greatness – and perhaps the realization that he would not be moving back to the White House contributed to his demise(?).  Guess we’ll never know.

In other moving-to-Washington news, we see that the Bushies said no to the Obama family’s request to move into Blair house pre-inauguration so that his daughters could start school on time.  So much for no child left behind.  What trumps the request of an incoming President?  My money is on something Cheney-related.

Congress was unable to pass legislation to help the auto industry, as a group of Republican Senators have successfully turned the whole enterprise into a union busting scheme – all in the guise of being fiscally responsible.  It’s disgusting – the worst kind of hypocrisy and prevarication.  As they scrutinize and nitpick on the blue collar front, the Fed is loaning trillions of dollars with no oversight and no transparencyNONE!  And those fiscally responsible Senators aren’t asking for it.  Thankfully, Bloomberg News has – but their request to release information was turned down.  Turned down??!!  This is taxpayer money we are talking about. Meanwhile, in an odd twist, the White House has come to the rescue, at least for now, for the auto-makers.  Who’d a thunk it, eh?

Oh yeah – and while those GOP guys are protecting us from the dastardly UAW … look at the havoc that one storied Wall Street trader has wreaked?  Bernard Madoff is under arrest – after bilking investors of … what … maybe 50 billion?  Yeah, please, keep an eye on the UAW for us – no telling what they might do!

“Madoff’s investors included captains of industry, corporations — some of which are publicly traded — that used Madoff almost as a high-yielding cash management account, endowments, universities, foundations and, importantly, many high-profile funds of funds,” said Douglas Kass, who heads hedge fund Seabreeze Partners Management.

“It appears that at least $15 billion of wealth, much of which was concentrated in Southern Florida and New York City, has gone to ‘money heaven,'” he said.

Yikes – time to change the subject, I’d say!  On the sports front we’ve got the USWNT playing China at the Home Depot Center today and in Detroit on 12/17.  (Detroit could use a pick-me-up.  I’d like to see the Lions give the Colts a run for their money, too – but that’s looking like a pipe dream.)  The Eagles are definitely still in the hunt and their play-off hopes are a pipe dream that I am clinging to!  They face Cleveland on Monday night.  Meanwhile the Giants play the ‘boys – who are truly behaving like boys (as TO kvetches about Romo and Whitten being “mean” to him … basically).  Oh my goodness- so sad!

HollyCornblog and our friend Paula R (Phatcats) are in the play-offs for the Phantastic Phootball Phanatics … may they move ahead and duke it out next week in the Phinals!


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